Christine Cobb

Sometimes we just need a few minutes with an expert to solve an immediate problem, bounce ideas, brainstorm or just get confirmation that we’re on the right track. Internet marketing can be a lonely existence at times versus going to an office where you can discuss ideas and issues with colleagues. Whether you need 15 minutes, an hour or something more regular, I’m here for you.

Christine Cobb

Here are some of the areas where I can be of most help to you.


This covers a lot of territory from installing WordPress to choosing a theme to learning how to customize your site. I can help with plugins, security, layout, sidebars, changing fonts and more.


I can show you how to set up your WordPress site to sell digital products, physical products or services. I can also help with Shopify settings and apps.

Tech Problems

If you are having a technical issue with your site, your autoresponder or your videos, I can help or at least find someone with more expertise to help. I can usually troubleshoot a Windows PC but not a Mac.

Amazon FBA

Fulfillment by Amazon is a program where sellers send inventory to Amazon’s warehouses to sell on Amazon. I was an FBA seller so I can offer some sound advice.


I can help you brainstorm ideas such as finding affiliate products to promote or creating a membership site. If you need help with areas where I don’t have the highest expertise, I can help you find the right expert in that area.

Tools & Resources

I have expertise in a number of free and premium tools such as Digital Access Pass, Gravity Forms, Aweber, Camtasia, Backup Buddy, iThemes Security, WordPress SEO by Yoast, Genesis themes and others.


Monthly Email


5 questions per week via email M-F

Four 1-Hour Sessions


4 weekly one-hour coaching sessions

60 Minute Coaching


60 minutes coaching via Skype or phone

30 Minute Coaching


30 minutes coaching via Skype or phone

Clients in Their Own Words...

 Donna Anderson 

 Owner, Batty Bat House

"Just three short months after becoming an FBA seller, my sales and profits have soared higher than I could have imagined. And the best part is this business has NO limit on possibilities. The support with answered questions and gentle guidance have been outstanding. Every day, as the sales roll in, I am extremely pleased with my decision to learn from Christine. "

 Jeff Hunt 

"Christine has an amazing blend of skills from strategic thinking to detailed knowledge about how to get things done in the internet marketing and eCommerce space.She has consistently helped me create better products and sell more of them to more people than I ever could have done without her advice. She doesn't beat around the bush but gives me very direct and actionable answers when I need them."

Fine Print

  • We will communicate through Skype, phone or email
  • For the weekly or monthly options, you can cancel any time prior to the next billing. You will have a standing invitation to start again in the future at the regular rate.
  • If I feel like I'm not offering the best coaching for you, it's not fair to continue charging you. Under those circumstances, I'll cancel the agreement.
  • The coaching service does not include do-it-for-you services but rather teach you how to do things.

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