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Web technology moves at lightening speed. How-to courses are out of date almost as soon as they are launched. You will be served better by hiring me to do it rather than buying a course to learn how to do it yourself.

Christine Cobb

Legacy Courses and Software

Deliver Digital Coaching

This course was a comprehensive step by step guide about creating a membership site to deliver your coaching or training materials. Although I don't offer the course, I still believe a membership site is the best way to go. You can choose how to deliver the lessons/content (all at once or over time) and you can protect the content from being stolen. You can also offer one-time purchases as well as ongoing subscriptions.

My recommendation is Digital Access Pass (DAP) + Smart Pay Cart (SPC)

Digital Content Lockdown

This course was a guide about the various ways to deliver your digital content and the safety rating of each method. The basics of that course are still valid although the technology continues to change and improve. 

You can get the basics from my Kindle version of Digital Content Lockdown even though it was written several years ago.

Easy Product Funnel

This course was a step-by-step tutorial about using Easy Digital Downloads, Aweber and Amazon S3 to get your digital product up for sale to customers without the cost and time of a complicated shopping cart system.

The principles of the course are still valid but the technology and interfaces of the programs have changed. I still use Easy Digital Downloads, Aweber and Amazon S3 when appropriate.

WordPress Video

This course was a step-by-step tutorial about ways to show and protect videos on your website. This technology has changed a bunch over the years.

WordPress Plugins

I did private label several WordPress plugins developed by Lynette Chandler of Plugin Mill. As WordPress changes, Lynette has been diligent to update the plugins but my business has changed and I can't keep up with all the changes for my customers. If you are interested in getting access directly from Lynette, she has a membership site with all of the plugins plus any future plugins she creates.

Known Sooner

Back in 2010 I started a series called "Known Sooner" where I interviewed experts in their field and asked them what they wish they had known sooner about starting or running their business. Most of those experts were part of the NAMS (Novice to Advanced Marketing Systems) community. That series has run its course and has been archived. 

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