How to Easily Integrate Videos Into Your WordPress Site

Are you using video on your WordPress website yet? While everyone is quick to tell you the many benefits of video marketing, what's not immediately apparent is exactly how to integrate video in your site. What player works best? Where can you host your videos so your server doesn't crash? What's the best format for mobile viewers? It's enough to make you tear your hair out!

WordPress Video Training

Stop Struggling to Figure Out All the Options and Discover What Really Works

In this LIVE training session, you'll learn...

  • How to easily (and inexpensively) add video to your site without worrying about code or even installing a video player.
  • Which tools will give you the results professionals use - and protect your videos from unauthorized downloads.
  • Why YouTube and Vimeo are not the best choice for some types of videos.
  • Where to find the fastest, least expensive hosting for your videos (you really don't want them on your server, and we'll tell you why!)
  • Two FREE plugins to make your videos shine!
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We've Got the Step-by-Step Directions You Need

During this video training, you'll discover how to use the tools and techniques the pros use to effortlessly embed videos in your WordPress websites.

  • Low-Cost Options for Budget Minded Business Owners

    With just a bit of work, you can host professional quality videos on your site for just a couple of dollars. We’ll show you how to leverage free plugins and WordPress’ built-in video player for a fast and easy solution.

  • Protect Your Valuable Assets with These Pro Tools

    While low cost is appealing, when you’re creating a paid product, you might want something a little more secure. We’ll talk about the options you have for protecting your videos, and walk you through the steps for setting up two of the most popular choices.

  • Making Your Videos Shine

    Finally, we’ll introduce you to our favorite “extras” – plugins that offer your visitors a better user experience with beautiful lightboxes and mobile-ready players to ensure everyone can view your page.

Christine Cobb & Cindy Bidar

Your Instructors

Video Training Plus Answers to Your Questions

The best way to learn something new? Listen as it's explained and demonstrated, then ask questions to clarify. That's exactly what this training offers. We'll walk you through the steps to optimize and upload your videos, embed them in your WordPress website, and then we'll help you through anything you're not clear on. You can drop us an email or ask questions in the private Facebook group which is exclusive to customers of Christine Cobb.

Video Replay, Printable Checklists, and Other Resources

If you purchase today, you will also receive...

  • Printable Checklists

    Handy forms you can print out to act as your guide as you set up your own videos in the future.

  • Video Training

    You will have unlimited access to the video training so you never have to worry that you’ll miss a step or forget which plugin we recommend.

  • Bonus Guide

    Got an iPhone? We’ve got a handy guide with the top five apps for on-the-go video editing with a professional look.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is this training best suited for?

Anyone who wants to embed video on their WordPress website.

Are there extra costs for the techniques taught in the training?

We show you some free plugins and how to use them. We also show you some inexpensive ways to help your videos load faster and to secure your video files so they won't be stolen. We also show you how to use the cool features of Easy Video Suite (a premium plugin).

What kind of website do I need to follow the training?

You will need a WordPress website.

Can I use this training if I have a Mac?

Most of the training is based on software used on your website server so it doesn't matter whether you use a PC or a Mac. Easy Video Suite has desktop software for both the Mac and the PC.

Do I need an Amazon S3 account for this training?

Not necessarily however we highly recommend storing your videos on Amazon S3. It is a very cheap service and you can get a year's service for free.

Do you have a guarantee that I will find the training useful?

Yes. We have a 30-day money-back guarantee.

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