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“I love selling online but don’t have the expertise to create & target a website for maximum search exposure. Chris Cobb knew exactly what I wanted after a few minutes of brainstorming with me. She helped me picture what I wanted created. Her ability to help you see the “big picture” to develop a website that meets all criteria. Chris is developing an awesome website for Rolling T Stores. It is a wonderful process to watch unfold.” ~Rebecca Wilcox, Owner, Rolling T Stores, Arkadelphia, AR
“Chris is a very smart former CPA with a practical, intelligent approach to SEO marketing. She is a good listener when involved with small business marketing, easy and friendly to communicate with, always staying within my guidelines of time and money, making the most of both. Our www. Parker website has slowly expanded over the past six months, and is bringing us new inquiries and new business every day. I certainly recommend her services.”  ~Linda Kroger, Owner, Parker Music, Houston, TX
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