Digital Content Lockdown

According to Mark Monitor’s recent online piracy and counterfeiting report, there are over 50 BILLION visits a year to rogue websites. That’s more than Google and more than Wikipedia, Amazon, YouTube and eBay combined!

What are all these people doing at these nasty sites? Downloading digital products and information just like yours. In fact, yours could be listed on one or more of these sites for free download right now without you even knowing it.

The sad truth is, if it isn’t already on one of these sites, it will almost certainly be uploaded before too long. Sometimes your products will be shared innocently by people who mistakenly think they have the right to do whatever they want with your ebooks, videos or other documents after they purchase them.

More likely than not, your hard work will be shared maliciously by content pirates who break into your server. These criminals hijack your products in order to sell them themselves and keep all the money. Or they will upload them to rogue sites and be paid every time someone downloads your work.

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How Much is Digital Content Theft Costing You?

If you sell a $27 ebook that gets stolen or uploaded to a sharing site and 1,000 copies are given away free, you’ve lost $27,000! Would you spend less that $50 to save thousands?

Do not let the thought of cybercrime stop you from creating your information products, digital coaching programs or any other online product! There are steps you can take to make it harder for spammers and thieves to get to your work.

Once they realize your site is secure and your products aren’t easy targets, they’ll most likely scamper off to find some low-hanging fruit that is easy to steal.


We've Got the Step-by-Step Directions You Need to Lockdown Your Digital Content

Digital Content Lockdown is designed to answer three questions that all content creators face:

  • Which digital format(s) should I use?

    Discover which digital format(s) are appropriate for your customers and which ones are the most secure.

  • How do I deliver my digital content?

    Learn the most efficient ways to deliver your ebooks, videos & podcasts along with their security score. You can then make an informed decision that is right for your business.

  • How do I keep Cyber Thieves away?

    You will also discover how to keep cyber thieves from stealing your stuff and crashing your system. Make it hard for them and they will go elsewhere.

More Than One Way to Solve This Problem

As with many problems, there are multiple solutions and trade-offs to be made. For example you may want an easier solution rather than the most secure solution. You may not want to deprive your customers of the ability to play your audios on their mp3 players just to add more security to your files.

In Digital Content Lockdown you’ll see a color-coded rating system to help you make the best decision and find the best solutions for you and your customers and understand how with a slight change, you can improve the security of your delivery system.

You’ll discover 4 different methods for delivering text, audio and video information products to your customers.

Illustrated Guide, Video Tutorials and Other Resources

  • Illustrated Guide

    The 20-page illustrated guide will provide a handy resource to refer to whenever you start a new project.

  • Video Tutorials

    Watch over my shoulder as I demonstrate in 8 video tutorials the various techniques and strategies.

  • Other Resources

    Links to all the resources mentioned in the guide and videos.

Be Smart ~ Stay Secure ~ Fight Back!
Know How To Protect Yourself And Your Hard Work

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Plus an Awesome Bonus!

“Simple Steps for Kicking Hacker Butt!”

In this eye-opening hour-long video with Regina Smola of WP Security Lock, you’ll discover how to:

  • Keep Google from indexing your download pages and copyrighted material
  • Hide the contents of your website folders from hackers and cyber thieves
  • See if Google has already indexed your sensitive information
  • Receive Google notifications when people are sharing your information on the web
  • Remove your information/products from hacker sites
  • Know when your user names and passwords have been shared

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