Christine Cobb

I want you to be successful as my affiliate. If you are successful, that’s good for you and me!

Christine Cobb

Christine Cobb Marketing is the hub for advice, how-to’s, do-it-for-you, tips and resources. This site, my blog and my Facebook page are dedicated to helping non-techies use the Internet to grow their business without working harder, but instead working smarter.

Hi. My name is Christine Cobb and I’m a Small Business Online Consultant. I design WordPress and Shopify websites, provide monthly maintenance for WordPress websites and offer one-on-one coaching and tech help.

If you have subscribers, followers, friends, associates and other devotees who would be a good fit with my products and services, I invite you to join my affiliate program and let’s make some money together.

Commission Rates




$100 per completed website

Monthly Maintenance

$54 per website after 2nd payment


10% of initial invoice

Getting Started

I use Digital Access Pass to track affiliate traffic and commissions which means that every referral is tagged to you for the lifetime of the affiliate program. Even if someone purchases six months, a year or even two years from now, you will get the credit.

If you are a customer of mine, then you are already an affiliate and you can get your affiliate links/stats in the member's area.

If you want to join the affiliate program, please read the affiliate agreement and sign up below.

Q & A

Q. How & when will I get paid?

A. Payments are made through PayPal transfers. Website commissions are paid after completion and payment of the website project. Monthly Maintenance commissions are paid after the 2nd monthly payment. One-on-One commissions are paid about 30 days after the initial invoice is paid.

Q. Can I get a commission on my own service payments?

A. No.

Q. Can I be tagged in your system by referring leads to your Free Tech Lab?

A. Yes! Once a customer or lead enters the system with your affiliate ID, they are tagged to you for the life of the affiliate program.

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